g-h studio

hollywood hills


in construction

re-thinking the future award: residence (concept)


Situated behind an existing hillside residence, this writer’s cottage and photographer’s studio project considers both geologic and biologic metaphors for architecture. The clients envisioned a woodsy, quiet retreat to enable concentration and reflection that would also produce a thoughtful, formal architectural solution.

The steep, downslope area where the building is sited is enhanced with a variety of mature, protected trees that influenced the project's design: spatially negotiating the irregular clearing while using the trees' different structures and textures to direct the project's materiality. Various wood and metal wall, railing and roof claddings mapped to the building respond to these fine-grained conditions on site.

Both bigger and smaller than it actually is, this study in reconciling geometry, texture, experience and view embraces a purposeful misregistration of these factors, yielding a compact building of varied spaces rich with expanded possibilities.


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