para los niños early head start center

los angeles


9900 sf interior renovation

westside urban forum westside prize citation

los angeles business council architectural award - interiors

At the recently completed Early Childhood Education Center, a series of playful, unexpected shapes stimulate children’s imaginations and create comforting, supportive environments distinct from the surrounding neighborhood. Each classroom area is discrete but visually linked to the others, promoting a strong communal connection while allowing for close observation and communication. Abundant daylight coupled with a nuanced but effective color scheme complete and complement the reconfiguration of the preschool, which serves over 100 local children.

Outside, new overscaled signage using offset layers of primary colors produces a variety of color effects that vary with lighting and perspective. The vibrant signage reasserts the identity of the organization on the block where they began, forming an urban campus for essential services. With this series of projects along 6th street, Para Los Niños has renewed their 35-year commitment to providing stability and opportunity to children and families near Los Angeles' Skid Row.


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